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Geared Up! specializes in helping charitable and school organizations raise funds through sales of apparel and promotional products.  We have advantageous pricing and a wide variety of options and will be glad to work with you on a design and offering that can increase profits for your event or season through a team or organization sale or through setting up our custom apparel and lettering shop at your event. 

For team/organization sales, your group takes orders and purchases a set number of pre-printed items in your choice of sizes and colors according to our fundraiser price sheets.  You set the sale price and keep the difference so you can determine your markup and how you want to set up your sale.  We provide any materials that you request such as flyers and order forms and can promote the sale on our Facebook page.  We also offer lettering service if needed to personalize the items.  This option can get you a larger % of sales to keep but can also leave you with some unsold inventory if you do not exclusively take preorders.  Reorders require a 12 piece minimum.

For a less definite or ongoing sale, we also offer a print service where we estimate potential sales and get plenty of prints that we can add to apparel items as you sell them.  You still set the sale price and get a % of sales on what you actually sell.  In addition, if you can guarantee an event with at least 50 apparel pieces sold, we will be glad to set up at the event and print apparel to order as well as provide custom lettering services.

Contact us for assistance with your fundraising project at or call 217.285.9424 for further details.

You can see a portion of what product we can offer for apparel fundraisers at:


Some of our promotional items can be found at:



Free delivery on any order to Pike County, IL!
Free UPS Ground shipping to continental USA on all orders over $150!