BIC WideBody Message Pen Deluxe Grocery Shopper - Royal All Purpose Clip - 6 26 oz. Value Bottle with Flip Top Lid

In addition to our original offering, over the last few years we have run on to several customers who have a need for promotional items as a fundraiser or as and add-on with their apparel items. This has resulted in an expansion of our business into the promotional items area to satisfy these needs.

We are currently a dealer for Kaeser & Blair Incorporated which is an ASI member and provides support to us with our promotions business. They have access to hundreds of thousands of promotional items so we can generally find whatever you would need. K&B provides an annual catalog of featured items which we can provide to you upon request and which can also be seen online at the link below.  

In addition, they have periodic sale items in their Windjammer flyer that is published several times a year which is also linked here. 

In addition to K&B, we offer several items that are aimed at the school and athletic markets at competitive prices. This selection can be seen at:  

As with anything else we offer, pricing on individual items varies based on number of colors, quantities, etc. so please contact us at 217.285.9424 or  so we can discuss your options and get you your best deal. 


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